Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Makang Sekak-Sekak NoK

Hello, peepos!! I guess some of you still wondering wth of my title? what does it means? Is it English? okokok.. It's not English, but Malays. Actually "makang" is "makan", which mean eat. However, people in Terengganu always adding a "g" behind every word and as long as they possible to pronoun it. eg. "ikan" will be "ikang" #ikan means fish So, it's kinda difficult for me listen to them!! Why they can't be normal? >.<!!

Now, you know the meaning of "makang" and you can guess this post is all about food :) If you asking what the full meaning of the "makang sekak-sekak nok"? I can't answer you, cuz I also don't know. lolllllllll but I googled it, it means "makan setakat yang anda mahu" in English means "eat as you want". 

Okay, enough with those makan or makang. Back to the main point =.=!

2 or 3 weeks ago, we had a small gathering at a new buffet steamboat. Maybe this is the only steamboat that I think worth to try :) and lagi worth for those like/can eat beef!! why? I don't know cuz I don't eat beef. lollllllllllll but my friend told me the ways they marinate the beef is really awesome lah!! so, have a try :D

Some of the photos I took before I start "makang"

1. Still early, and we are the first customers

2. All type of noodles, sauces and ready to eat foods such as fried rice and noodles

3. The steamboat!!

4. We choose Tom Yam based soup

5. All type of surimis

6. All type of seafoods

 7. Chicken!! different ways of marination :) yummeh~

8. Veggies

9. Noodles that I like. But I like the green more :)

Here really a nice place for gathering, either family gathering or course gathering :) with all the nice foods!! 

Here are my coursemates, WE'RE FOODIES!!  #cuzwearefromfoodtechnology

Makang Sekak Sekak Nok,
Lot 5104 Ground & Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin,
20300 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, MALAYSIA.

Tel : 09 - 622 6204
Fax : 09 - 622 6204

Operation hours,

12pm to 12am (everyday)

**I recommend to book first or go early, always full house around 8pm

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  1. Haha without your explanation I would be still wondering, what does your title actually mean. So 'makang' huh? now I know. =D

  2. Hello Evelyn :)

    paiseh for late reply..
    have you makang yet?? :D

    different place will have their own dialect >.<
    it's interesting to explore it!!
    Have a chance, visit Terengganu to experience yourself!! There are many beautiful islands in Terengganu are worth to visit :)

    Have a nice day!


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